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Coordinate your Key West Wedding with the local Coordinator, forget about stress and enjoy your special day.
-Work with reliable coordinator
-Find out all best weddings venues in Key West
-All the problems on your wedding day will be taken care of by our coordinator so you can just relax and enjoy

Key West Wedding Coordinator

There is a moment in life when you decided to get married, and you face a lot of difficulties:
You are tired of wasting your time on the planning and thinking how everything will turn out. You want to spend your precious time with your future husband or wife, your family or the family of your future spouse and friends. You wand to spend your time to prepare yourself so that you would be the most beautiful bride or the most handsome groom.
Problems and questions are appearing every day, and you're nervous that something can go wrong on your wedding day: cake would not be delivered on time, or photographer would not come on time, DJ would not be there, decorations will not be set up on time, or something else happens. That's why you no longer have the strengths or the time for yourself.
You created a budget and want to stick with it, afraid of unexpected expenses.
Wedding Coordinator will solve all these problems and much more. You will get a free wedding planning checklist, video of best Key West's wedding venues, free consultations during whole wedding planning process.
8 bonuses you will get when you book our wedding coordinator:
1 A relaxed worry-free wedding day
No one except us needs to look at a watch on your special day. Your family and friends are free to enjoy themselves, letting me handle all of the logistics

2 Save your Sanity

3 We juggle
Vendors to table decor to rehearsal to timelines to chair covers and bows to tie...we juggle everything so it comes out flawless in the end

4 You don't need to control all the vendors and be in touch with them on your wedding day

5 You'll feel support during your wedding planning process

6 You'll get reliable vendors recommendations

7 We direct - you relax
Where do I sit? Where is the restroom? When do I show up for pictures? Where is my corsage? Where can I plug in my equipment? What should the cake table look like? How does this lighting look? Do you have my final payment? What time is the fist dance? Where is the limo? Did the cake arrive? Can someone bustle my gown? Where are the bride and groom?

8 We'll formulate a plan and a day of wedding itinerary/timeline
Why do you need to hire a Wedding Coordinator?
You would like to save some money on the full wedding planner
You started to plan by yourself and needed just some recommendations
You've done all the planning and just need a person who will supervise and make sure everything goes as planned
Wedding Coordinator -
your manager on your Special Day who makes sure everything comes out flawless


I'm Olga Chekan and I've lived in Key West for more than 10 years.

I'm a hardworking person. I'm passionate about weddings, love planning and coordinating weddings. There were times when I quickly resolved unexpected difficulties on the wedding day. I quickly find any solution to any problem. All the clients for whom I coordinate weddings are happy and thankful.

English is my third language that's why I have an accent. But many clients like my accent and it is not a problem for them.

I work in the wedding business more than 5 years.

I coordinated 400 weddings.

I love to make people happy.

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Hire me as your WEDDING COORDINATOR and sleep well at night!
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